The Most Overrated “Stylish” Celebrities

If you are a human being you worship celebrities. This is a scientific fact, like needing oxygen to survive or that one day we will all die alone, thinking about all the things we never accomplished. If you don't worship celebrities you're only saying that because one time you heard a celebrity say that you're not supposed to worship celebrities. You can worship celebrities for a variety of reasons, all of which are perfectly fine with me, but since this site is about dudes talking about clothing on the Internet that's where we're headed. I'm sure the following ten gentlemen are perfectly fine people according to Wikipedia, who have all done wonderful things for the greater good of civilization. With that said, they don't dress well even though, for some reason, people seem to think they do. Time to set the record straight.

  • Rick

    Theophilus’ style is on point. Pharrell is usually on. Gosling is also usually pretty good. No one cares about this site because every writer has a stick up his ass.

    • Chris

      Yeah, totally agree with you. This guy is just trying to hard to find the right celebs for his articles.

    • RealTalk

      Aw Rick Ross you’re just upset you haven’t worn enough clothes recently to get onto any list. Don’t hate. …also please start wearing shirts.

    • Luke


  • Eric

    Theophilus on point? Lol, he usually looks foolish, and as of late Pharrell’s looked like a bum. But I forgot how important it is to look rich, yet poor at the same time.

  • yogi

    “no one cares about this site,” says the person who bothered to comment.

  • Denniz

    I dont like lists because they usually sick. But it sounds like a jealous woman wrote this article

  • Lindsey

    It may not be stylish but Dwayne Wade wearing Dwayne Wayne flip-glasses? Hilarious.

  • Exhibit_REY

    I don’t think Pharrell or Brad Goreski belong on this list in my opinion. I never considered Jay-Z to be a “stylish” celebrity to begin with. Scott Disick isn’t really that stylish to me; if anything, its his suit game that’s on point. Other than that, he dresses pretty regular to me. Everything else is pretty accurate to me!

  • Bob

    Leave depp’s mister freedom collection out of the cannon at least

    • giovanni dennis


  • E

    I don’t even agree with you on some of this, but the way you wrote it is fucking hilarious! Some of these outfits are truly a joke, but when you insult Ryan Gosling or DWade, you insult me.

  • Dan

    Have you seen the BBC/Ice Cream webstore recently? No? Okay.

  • Fred

    Completely on point, fantastic article. Keep up the good work.

  • MM

    Great article! On point. Most of these stylish guys these days are just hype.

  • JFK

    Agreed on all fronts. These kids just need to know and understand the terms “context” and “irony”. Just the
    “Sign O’ The Times’, I guess.

  • JFK

    P.S. Also “Fuck Outta Here Forever” sea and “Kanye kool fashionz” are the best evar.

  • gatsby

    lol u clearly have no idea what youre talking about

  • FamilyDigestives

    I’m pretty sure Gosling doesn’t even have a stylist. That’s part of why his attire is so impressive on the red carpet.

    • JB

      But that doesn’t really have anything to do with it, because the brands that dress him will style him. It isn’t as if he walks into a store and puts his red carpet outfits together.


    Thank You Thank You for adding Pharrell on this list!!! In fact it should be him and he alone on this list. GQ kisses this dudes ass so much it leaves me to believe GQ don’t know shit about street wear. This list for the most part is 50% on point.

    • Dipshet

      What ever lead you to believe GQ knows one thing about street wear?

      • ROCCO

        LOL Right???!!

  • Untitled

    #2 = LOL

  • Untitled


  • Dipshet

    Your market wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Pharrell. However, rest of the list? TRUUU

  • HenryP

    Yes Sean Avery is a douchebag, yes Jay-z dresses like some AEpi kid who’s at his little cousins bar mitzvah, yes Theophilus looks like a stagehand for cirque du soleil, but I refuse to let Ry Gos, the sweet prince of hollywood actors get shit on. That motherfucker runs shit. Not only does he kill it at every goddamn event since he was like seven* but this bro acknowledges that every time he steps out of the house doesn’t have to be goddamn runway walk. The fuck does anybody look like getting takeout? I sure as shit dont wear my Lanvin sweats to get Mr. Changs. In short, part of looking on point is not trying every second of every day to make the front page of the sartorialist, or are you just mad you don’t have man cleavage like The Gos?


    • ROCCO

      Damn. Well put. Respect!

    • MM

      “Theophilus looks like a stagehand for cirque du soleil” LOL CLASSIC!

  • ‘kiss

    Celebrities suck.

  • Kevin

    Mr S.,

    I agree with nearly every observation you bring to light with your article. There are more people getting away with heinous acts of “style” than anyone in the United States should be subjected to. I would like to address multiple topics: Jonas Brothers, Ryan Gosling, Fashion vs Style, and consistency.

    I am disappointed that the all 3 brothers were omitted from your list. GQ has been putting them front, left, and center the past 6 months (at least) and I have been less than impressed by the choices. GQ spoke negatively about one of them ONE time. I think that is rubbish on their part. I would be glad to submit photographic evidence of the travesties they stepped out in at your request.

    Ryan Gosling… All I believe to be true is that he is as close to a chameleon in mammal form as we will be ever be able to lay our eyes upon. His ability to appear as one of “them” on the red carpet (Cannes in particular) is admirable. There is a photo of him in a blue shawl collar tux from Cannes 2011 that was exceptional. Take Mr Gosling out of France and drop him back in California? He returns and adapts towards his environment in order to survive and slay. Granted, it may not be my preference after seeing his commanding presence on the red carpet, but to say he does not look comfortable or exude confidence back in his familiar habitat would be a mistake. He almost epitomizes the evolving American. They have the ability to turn it up when necessary, but normally choose to sandbag it the rest of the time. It may catch up to him, and it may not.

    Fashion vs style is quite simple, yet probably one of the most misused combination. Because someone is fashionable does not mean they have style and similarly just because someone has style does not mean they are fashionable. I have a vague example (I apologize for not remembering the gentleman’s name). GQ featured a gentleman who, for whatever reason, tied his tie with the skinny end out in front of the thicker, traditionally forward facing portion. Now, his quark is not deemed fashionable, however, it adds character to his ensemble, every time. This character cements his personal style into the outfit. Take a moment to think about how and if you have a quark of your own.

    Lastly, consistency is something few people possess in general. Karl Lagerfeld and Donald Trump are quite predictable in their decisions, and I believe the lack of credit is an under-appreciation for consistency. They have found a look that suits them and they remain consistent. This is an opposite force to Ryan Gosling, but as you can see, there is more than one way to successfully dress for the day.


    P.S. I would like anyone who took the time to read my reply, I appreciate your time. I also think it is hilarious when people get “gangsta” towards others. Hit em with those internet bullets. I bet they feel so lowly after you point out painfully obvious facts. If the kid is slow, you telling him he is slow will not be some sort of epiphany…

    • Jian

      For the record Kevin, Joe Jonas was a name that I fought for.

    • dave


  • Kelvin

    What about Lil Wayne tho…oh wait, nobody gives a fuck to begin with…

    Great post dude, keep up the “fuck what you think” attitude!

  • A

    Can everybody stop saying “on point”. It’s lost any meaning it ever had, and you just sound like a dick!

  • jay

    Yo, I take offense to the digs at WIlmer V. That dude works hard at his voice over job on the hit TV series Handy Manny. Four Pins doesn’t do fact checking??

  • cvrolinv


  • nextyearatthistime

    what’s aretha franklin doing over there on the right, though?

  • boron

    The moment I saw the title of this post, I thought of NBA players. Awesome that u put them in this list. I really don’t know what the fuck is up with their hipster glasses.

  • Lefty

    Lawrence Schlossman salute you for having posting this piece. Its refreshing to have a different opinion from the other sites, magazines, etc.

  • Tjay

    I agree with this article 95%. The other two 5 percents are that the author put Ryan Gosling and Theophilus on here. At times Theo does bite some of Kanye’s style to incorporate into his outfits but not every time like the author is saying.

  • Poozer

    “Somebody stuff this dude’s wardrobe into a replica pirate cannon and fire it into the “Fuck Outta Here Forever” sea”


  • TrueBlue

    I think you forgot Kanye West!

    • giovanni dennis

      “We went from Tougher Than Leather to dude in a leather mini skirt…”-I lost friends over that line…

  • Matt

    It scares me that people pay Brad to style them.

  • alien7

    This really stinks of “Ode de hater”. Who really cares what rich people wear and how they wear it. Style is personal and really if you have any kind of back bone only your opinion matters. With the exception of the stylist everyone else is on your list because something they do other than dressing themselves has made them famous. As for the Stylist I guess he’s doing something right “color-blind” or not because people are hiring him. Get your own, live your own and get off of others who are doing something. later-

  • AhmadAkili

    This dude is entitled to his own opinion…But his opinion sucks.

  • Bricks

    Damn, how did I just click into so much hate? It’s like I turned a blind corner and ended up planting my new shoes into the embodiment of schizo bum vomit.

    Except for Disick, who had not occurred to me as any kind of style icon, I welcome any of these dudes to dress as they please and to continue to experiment and expand their personal style beyond the narrow confines set by others based on age, race, or station.

    My opinion doesn’t matter anyway, since I do not worship celebrities thus, I must be a robot. But hey, maybe it’s just that all these celebrities went wrong by not dressing like Fidel Castro this season?

    • giovanni dennis

      Disick got an unlimited budget and his clothing choices reflect that…he ain’t no muthafucking arbiter of style though!

  • Calvin

    Good post, Lawrence. Wondering when the next plug from GQ will be. Wouldn’t hold your breath after this slander.

    “Okay, yall, we were totally wrong about those ROTM dub monks with the lug soles. Tacky!”

  • Tobi

    Could you maybe give some objective evidence of what you are saying?

  • curious bloke

    ayo keep my nigga theo outta here son. u got dat shit mad twisted b . homie been sawggin from before dat Ye shit homie aint even bite yeezys style so i aint know whatchall niggas sayin. Four Pins I am disappoint. face to the motherfucking palm.

    • curious bloke

      on 2nd thoughts put wooster on dat list i aint fuck wit his style shit. eugh. DISGUSTANG

      • curious bloke

        btw ya’ll dub monk straps motherfuckers are corny as FUCK G. stick to loafers, oxfords and brogues. PSHHHH!

  • John Winters

    i dont get why pharrel on this list I thought, i mean if i created a clothing line i would wear it too and promotion at the same time….o_0

  • David

    Most of these guys are all actually pretty stylish. Of course, all of them have had instances where they’ve taken it a little too far and didn’t look too good. For instance, Theophilus London looks great most of the time, but he throws on some really fugly hats from time to time. A lot of these guys are trying to spearhead trends, so they must look ridiculous from time to time.

  • giovanni dennis

    This nigga L.Bron Hubbard got on a extreme cutaway collar ruffle front chambray shirt…I’m mad that I even know what that is…

  • Dee

    yes, Pharrell is actually as stylish as we think, yes.

  • Fadel Fakhouri

    Disick isn’t a style icon. Plus why isn’t kanye on this list no offense to kanye


    Don’t take this list too seriously, don’t take clothing too seriously. These guys carve something out of garbs for themselves, and I will always applaude that even if I don’t agree with everything they decide to piece together. That being said what the fuck is up with all the fur coats. I’M MAINLY LOOKING AT YOUR PHARREL!

  • khaled

    “Roth IRA” lmao

  • qixaoox

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  • james harris

    You were ass kissing Theo about a week ago in fashion bros…lawrence.