The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2012

Are you guys listed out yet? Well, I don’t really care either way, to be honest, so here’s one more. This whole menswear lifestyle thing has never been cheap, but in the past quality and craftsmanship were used to at least attempt to justify ridiculous prices. But 2012 was the year of new money, motherfuckers. Fuck made in the USA. Fuck single craftsman design houses. Fuck quality. WE FINNA SPEND OUR MONEY LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD DEFINITELY DID NOT END WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO. From the insanely expensive to the downright idiotic, here are the most ridiculous products (and a few other things) we saw in 2012.

13 Responses to “The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2012”

  1. chris

    Oh look, another blog telling people that blogging is a waste of time, or aspiring to start your own label is a waste of time, or that traveling is a waste of time. You know what should be on the list? Hating. It’s almost like you guys don’t enjoy your job.

    But yeah, $350 flip-flops are definitely ridiculous.

    • Tjay

      Didn’t really say it was a waste of time.. Just ridiculous like the title says.

      By the way, I doubled over laughing when I saw slide 16. Instant mindfuck.

  2. goo

    does this motherfucker get paid to write this shit?

    I’d love to get paid for this stupid rant I’m writing right now. The title is misleading as fuck and “Jon Moy” is extremely melodramatic in each of the 23 slides. Did you guys hire this guy off of 4chan?

    • Jon

      You gotta write a way better rant than that if you want to get paid. Oh yeah my name is Jon Moy so you don’t have to put it in quotes like that. Also I think I should get some points for being consistently “melodramatic” in all 23 slides.


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