Try Not To Laugh At The First Pictures Of Rick Owens x Adidas

We recently informed you of the impending collaborative collaboration between Dick Ovens and Adidas, and now the first visual evidence of the footwear has surfaced on the S/S 14 runway. I mean, what can I even say that this ridiculous piece of footwear doesn't say for itself? It actually looks more reminiscent of a Nike Roshe Run than anything Adidas has ever made, but that's about as close to a compliment as I will get. Also, I don't know, maybe, like, the Raf Simons x Adidas shoes of yesteryear? For the time being, it's safe to say these are pretty fucking ridiculous and anyone who buys them for their rumored price of $450 needs to re-evaluate some of their life choices.

  • James Wilson

    Half a dozen 17-year-old menswear bros just chose “Dick Ovens” for their fake ID.

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    These are fucking ridiculous, in the best way, FOH

  • dick ovens

    sup dick. it’s a pump fury not a roshe.

    • Lawrence

      I was tryna tell Woolf that a Roshe was not the best comparison…

      • Jake Woolf

        Carve the middle part out of a roshe run sole and you get this, assholes.

        • BOOYA

          NIGGA PLEASE!

  • guest

    how are these any more ridiculous than owen’s other sneakers, which he himself has called cartoon exaggerations of sneakers?

  • Taylor

    I thought it was a poodle! Bad dog! Bad style!

  • Paul Podlucky

    open eyes ,… him …..he’s out of your league, on every level ..typical white man who doesn’t understand new design .

  • dsadsa

    Fucking retarded author

  • 100swoll

    This is why kanyes input means so much

  • Nass

    What yall know about fashion! this shoe is the future you idiots!
    yall still dress like in the 90s